Rotherwick Parish Council meet with Hook Highways Depot on a regular basis.  This renewed relationship is most constructive leading to positive results.  Cllr Hugh Radesk is the Lead Councillor for Highways.


See his latest, April 2017, report here

October 2017

The Parish Council was asked to replace some traditional curved posts on the bridleway next to the village pond that had been knocked down by a motorist. We were able to source some oak curves from a sawmill in Wiltshire which then had some finishing touches and installation done by a parishioner and Cllr Burridge. These new additions look great around the village pond.
Very recently one of the old road signs at the main crossroads has been refurbished and replaced with a high quality traditional metal sign/finger post with finial topping. The Parish Council are very pleased with this addition which is in-keeping with the conservation area and traditional village feel.

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