Rotherwick's Defibrillator

Rotherwick now has its own public access defibrillator which is located at the Village Hall and is available 24*7.

How to use a Defibrillator

The following information in italics is reproduced from the British Heart Foundation Website:

Defibrillators are very easy to use. Although they don’t all look the same, they all function in broadly the same way. The machine gives clear spoken instructions - You don't need training to use one.

Watch this short film and learn how a defibrillator works (Click on the white arrow in the middle of the picture below).


  • If you come across someone who is not breathing or breathing erratically, the most important thing is to call 999 and start CPR to keep the blood flowing around the body. After a cardiac arrest, every minute without CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resucitation) and defibrillation reduces someone's chance of survival by 10 per cent.
  • If you're on your own, don't interrupt the CPR to go and get a defibrillator. If it's possible, send someone else to get the defibrillator.
Rotherwick's defibrillator is located on the front wall of the Village Hall in The Street. A code is displayed on the door of the cabinet, which must be entered on the keypad to give access to the equipment. If 999 has already been called enter the code and take the defibrillator to where it is needed.
  • Once the defibrillator is open and in position, all you have to do is follow the spoken instructions. Many defibrillators will also have diagrams or a screen to help you. The defibrillator detects the heart's rhythm, it won't deliver a shock unless one is needed.
  • Often you’ll need to press the shock button although some fully automatic defibrillators will deliver the shock themselves. You should resume CPR as soon as instructed by the defibrillator.
Funds for the purchase of the equipment have been donated by public support via The Coach & Horses, the Rotherwick Queen Elizabeth II birthday party, Rotherwick Village Hall Committee and The Parish Council (Parishioners' money) .

As we are sure you will understand, the facility itself and information above is given for your general guidance only and no liability can be accepted for any errors or inaccuracy.

Rotherwick Parish Council

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