Rotherwick SpeedWatch

The speed display is setup to show a drivers speed as the vehicle approaches and flash red if the speed limit is exceeded. Information is recorded and downloaded to a computer for analysis on a regular basis.

Several locations around the Parish are being used to locate the display including The Street, Cowfold Lane, Hook Road and Lyde Green. Locations have been chosen where speed is a particular problem and there is sufficient space near the road to safely use or locate a pole to mount the display. Rotating the display around different locations every week or two aims to keep us all on our toes and encourage a sustained focus on safe driving.

Speed Reduction – To try and establish how effective the display has been in encouraging lower speeds the following research was undertaken:
Week 1 - the speed display was setup for a week to collect speed data near the cross roads on the exit from the village in Cowfold Lane, without drivers having visibility of their speed on the display i.e. the display was recording driver’s speed but not displaying it. During the week 26% of drivers were recorded exceeding the 30mph limit.
Week 2- the following week the data was collected with the speed visible to drivers on the display and the number of drivers exceeding the 30mph limit was 12%. This equates to circa 50% or 150 extra drivers respecting the speed limit.
SpeedWatch – Twice a month two groups of volunteers also undertake a speed check in the village using the display. Vehicle information of drivers exceeding the speed limit is followed-up with the drivers concerned by the police.
Overall – While the speed display is having a positive impact in reducing the speed of vehicles there are still on average 15% of drivers exceeding 35mph within the village.

If you have any ideas about locations for the speed display, any questions or would like to help out as a voluteer please do let us know using the form below.

November 2017 Updated - The Parish Council remain committed in identifying additional traffic calming measures for our village.  We are currently investigating, with Hart District Council, access to the remaining S106 monies. Please read the latest report here and the letter RPC sent to the Head of Highways (Traffic Manager) here 
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